Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Sceitse 25- The Hill of Angry Teeth

Healy Pass, our first real stop on the day

Sketching in the Pocket or Glanmore 

Perched up on a height, the Sceitser's surrounded by their sketch environment

The view from the mountain top, some braved it all the way to the top for the view

The Sceitsers gathered for the traditional pint in the end of a day of sketch walking
For the March Sceitse we headed for the rough rugged mountains of the Beara peninsula in west Cork. First going through the picturesque Healy Pass before journeying into a secluded glen hidden in the mountains known locally as "the pocket". Here we set up for some sketching while others clambered up to the top to take a look at the view from above. More photos here:


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