Thursday, 13 March 2014

Sketch Cycling

April sees Sceitse try yet again to combine sketching with another activity never intended by any sane person to be combined with sketching, SKETCH CYCLING!

How will that work one asks? Cycle, stop and get off to sketch? Cycle, stop and sketch without getting off the bike? Or even try to cycle and sketch at the same time? Perhaps falling off the bike in the process but continuing to sketch as you hurtle towards the floor? In other words, we have no idea how we will do it! But it will be fun trying to figure out it!

For the journey we will be cycling from Cork city out to Cobh, which we will see us; cycle along the marina out to Blackrock castle, then along the old railway tracks, jumping onto a ferry to cross from Passage West and finally exploring Great island before we finish in Cobh, where we will take the train back to Cork.

The best thing about this trip is everyone should be able to take part. All you have to do is, A:) if you have a bike in Cork, blow off the cobwebs and bring it out sketching or B:) if you dont have a bike, rent a bike for the day.

So join us for a fun filled day of sweating, breathing heavily and bruised knees while sketching and laughing the whole way!

Let us if you want to come by emailing or join our Facebook Event here:

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