Tuesday, 6 May 2014


Denise has been organising something for us and thanks to her efforts, I can now announce it, yes, we're to rent an ISLAND!!! cool or what? So for a weekend in June/July we are going to turn a little Island in Kerry into SKETCH ISLAND!

As for the Island, it is one of the Magharee Islands off Castlegregory, on the Dingle peninsula, probably one of the prettiest parts of Ireland. It has an early medieval settlement on it, there are 6 other small islands a stones throw from it, also near by are Brandon Bay Beach, sand dunes, Mount Brandon, Lough Gill, loads of small beaches and lochs and walks around etc etc.

Above are photos of the Magharee islands borrowed from the internet, the top is the one we are staying in, the big island among those, you can see the monastic settlement in the lower right of the Island. The rest are aerial shots of the Island and its surrounds.


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    1. Ya should be EPIC id say! We are still in the process of organising it tho and we arent sure on numbers yet so they may be limited. So its all up in the air still, but we are definitely doing it in July sometime :)