Wednesday, 21 May 2014


For a weekend in July, Sceitse is going to take an island off the Dingle peninsula and turn it into SKETCH ISLAND!


The Island is one of the 7 hogs or Magharee Islands, sitting off Brandon Bay, across from Castlegregory. We will wake up every morning staring over at the Dingle peninsula and its many mountains, and sit on a Island with a 6th century monastic settlement, with beehive huts and all. 6 other islands will be a stones throw from our one. All this sits there waiting to be sketched by us over a 3 or 4 day period.

Spaces are very limited in this one, with a maximum of 16 people attending, as that is the max we can take to the island. The remaining places are given first come, first serve, anyone after this will be put on the waiting list, email to book a place. This trip will only be for sketchers, level isnt important, whether your a hobbyist or professional, as long as you like to sketch. Also only members of Sceitse are allowed as numbers are limited so there isnt any taking of additional friends etc.

We have 2 weekends booked, that of July the 3/4-6th or July 17/18-20th, some may stay 3 days coming down on the Friday, while others may stay 4 days coming down on the Thursday. The reason we have 2 weekends above is that if weather is bad, we will go the second weekend, as it would be a terrible place to be in bad weather. So make sure to book both dates off from work!

Also this is a camping trip, and it is a REAL camping trip, so there is no toilets, no showers, no houses, no shops, no pubs. If you want to go to the toilet, its dig a hole time, if you want to shower, the best hope is the ocean, there may be supply runs across to the mainland once every day or 2nd day, but we cant guarantee that so bring what you need with you, there is no turning back from SKETCH ISLAND!!

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