Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Sketch House Saturday Part 1

On the run up to the Sketch house Event at the start of August, Im going to make a series of posts about what we are going to see on each day. For Saturday, id say we will focus on exploring Valentia Island, a small island off Portmagee. This shows 2 possible stops on the day:

The island has a nice cluster of archaeological stuff in this area. More about these sites in the following links:

Cool East early christian site

Cool East Ogham Stone

Cool east tomb

This could be a very nice mountain walk, its not too large, and there is a car park there and its footpath all the way up, the top rewards you with spectacular views of around as you can see by the 3D image. It also has a nice cliff walk. More photos here:

Gleokaun mountain walk

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