Wednesday, 22 October 2014

November Sceitse: ARDMORE CLIFFS

Come November, Sceitse returns to sketch walking with a stroll along the cliffs of Ardmore in West Waterford.  Ardmore is an ancient place, its origins going as far back as the fifth century arrival of St. Declan, it started as a monastic site and is said to be one of the oldest in Ireland and since then has had a long history. To name a few of the sites Ardmore has to offer, it has; a round tower, an early medieval church, a modern abandoned ship with crane clutching at the cliff and even a WWII Bunker/watch area. Thats not to speak of the 5 picturesque beaches in the area and the cliffs,  which give ardmore its name- Ard Mór= Great Heights, promise to be something else besides. So lots and lots to sketch and explore this time as we explore the scenic coastline of West Waterford. Hopefully see ye there, more about it here in the FB event:

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