Monday, 13 October 2014

Sceitse 32- Cashel and around

First stop of the day, Carron, the 4000 year old Henge

Next up, Ráth na Drinne Ringfort

Sketching at Hore Abbey

More of Hore Abbey

The extremely impressive Athassel Abbey

The sketchers for the day

We had a great day around Cashel on Sunday, where we took a small area around Cashel and did some sketch exploring, it involved us travelling 4,000 years in history, starting with a 4000 year old Henge, then a 4 banked early medieval ringfort, and finally onto 13th abbey, and finishing up at the 15th century Athassel Abbey, which one of the most impressive sites we have visited here in Sceitse. More photos of the trip can be seen over in our facebook group:

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