Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Cahir Sceitse

Cahir (pronounced 'Care' with a pirate accent by locals :P), is the site of our Sunday May 10th Sceitse. Here we will have a sketch wonder around the castle, the town and environs

Cahir has lots to fill a quiet Sunday of wonder sketching. Starting with its great castle with its water-filled moat, impressive walls and other castley bits. There is also a medieval abbey, another castle, among other bits in the town itself, we'll bring a map and see whatever people are interested in.

There is a nice leisurely stroll by the riverside towards the scenic swiss cottage just on the southern outskirts of town. And to top it off we will pop just outside town to see the Knockgraffon, the largest motte in Ireland. So lots to get your sketch fingers twitching in expectation ;)

Sceitse is an open group, all welcome no matter the level. Bring your own art materials. Transport is organised by the drivers, so keep an eye on the event for announcements by drivers. Or make an announcement in the event that you're looking for transport, perhaps one of the drivers will respond to your hail.

Join up for updates or driver announcements on the facebook event:


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