Monday, 6 April 2015


On April the 19th, Sceitse journeys upwards and up and up and up and up...and.... up....up ;). As we climb the highest mountain the Galtees, the 919 m tall Galtee Mór or better known as SKETCH MOUNTAIN. This promises to be a great sketch walk, with spectacular views from the mountains of the Golden vale below, one of Irelands flatest areas.

Its supposed to be an easy walk, not dangerous, just a long walk up. We can take it easy, sketch as we go and if people get tired and dont want to go to the top, they can park anywhere along the way and sketch that great vista before them as long as they like.

Join us no matter your level of skill or experience, whether you're just picking up a pencil for the first time or been doing it for years, for a day of fun sketch walking up one of Irelands best tallest mountains.

Transport organised by individual drivers on the facebook event, so if you want to join us, keep an eye here:

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