Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Sceitse 39- Sketch Island 2 & The Village of Sceitse

The Island of Sceitse

The cosy houses we stayed in that made up the hostel

Our Hostel from the outside

Along mountain paths

At the end of Blascad, a head covered in luminous flowers

The island was teeming with wildlife

One morning there was an army of seals sunbathing on the beach

One of the many light shows we saw at the island

A sketch island tradition: Each night we had glorious sunsets we perched out on the northern part of the island and watched while an army of seals watched us from the ocean, sometimes coming really close to us

An Island life, our little Sketch Village

We are just back from the biggest Sceitse of the year, a sketch tradition at this stage, where we spend a few days out on a deserted island in Ireland. This time it was Blascad Mór/the Great Blasket. Blascad was definitely a huge surprise, HUGE being the word, so much to explore and was teeming with wildlife. Absolutely beautiful and what a great crowd of people to enjoy it with, thanks to everyone for the laughs ontop of laughs and conversations over the few days, definitely one of the greatest Sceitse's we have had for sure, looking forward to next years one!

The above is a brief selection of the many photos taken by our talented members; more photos, videos, artwork and laughs had over on the Sceitse facebook page:


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