Sunday, 16 August 2015

Sceitse 40- Sketch Snorkeling.

Our secret little cove near Helvic Head pier, even had a little island we could swim out to
The sketch snorkelers with our waterproof paper & back boards, a normal wood graphite pencil is all u need ontop
The island we swam out too and climbed, you can see it there in the middle, was quite the journey out to it!

The fun results from sketch snorkeling

Chilling out on the beach after sketch snorkeling

Sand sketching on the beach by Octavia

One of the Piers at An Rinn

The small hardy group of sketch adventurers we had for the day
For our 40th Sceitse we headed to Helvic head to combine sketching and snorkeling and see how well they went together. It worked! Albeit after much rolling around in the water, swallowing water and much laughing. Was definitely one of the more fun activities we have ever done, in another pretty part of Ireland marked off the Sceitse to do lists

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