Thursday, 15 October 2015

Lismore to Cappoquin Sceitse

On Sunday November 8th Sceitse will be doing a bit of a mix. One part will be us jumping into cars and going awondering seeing what cool stuff we can sketch. Another will be stopping and doing a small forest walk, for our first ever forest Sceitse, as we try to find exotic 18th century follys hidden within. When it gets nippy we will rush back to cars once more to continue the drive stop and sketch trip

The area we will be exploring is north western Waterford, where you have the heritage town of Lismore with its castle that has a display of everything a scenic castle is supposed to have, impressiveness perched above a meandering river, ivy covered etc. Between that and Cappoquin there is abbeys, castles, ogham stones, an ancient road, a huge motte & baile etc. In other words, enough stuff to get the pencil a-sketching for sure

Sceitse is an open group, all welcome no matter the level. Bring your own art materials. Transport is organised by the drivers, so keep an eye on the event for announcements by drivers. Or make an announcement that you're looking for transport,in the event perhaps one of the drivers will respond to your hail.

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