Thursday, 19 June 2014

FOTA Mini Sceitse-Wildlife Park | House | Bell's Folly

The coming Tuesday, the 24th of June, we go to Fota Wildlife Park opened this month a new area for two Sumatra tigers 2 year old male Denar from Warsaw Zoo in Poland and 2 year old female Dourga from Le Parc des FĂ©lins in Nesles, France.

Most possibly we will get a ticket discount regardless on the amount of people attending.

Apart from Fota Wildlife Park we could go to gorgeous Fota House, Arboretum and Gardens for free. Some plants have wonderful patterns and colours. If it’s sunny it’s great to sit on the grass and chill.

Also, there is abandoned Bell’s Folly which is a two-storey house designed by Cork architect in a Tudor Gothic Revival architecture style located on the edge of the Fota Demense. I read it has nice views into Cork harbour. It doesn’t look big on photographs but not many people have a chance to go there. I have a contact to a guy from Fota House who can take us there.

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