Saturday, 21 June 2014

Sketch House & the Ring of Sceitse

In August, Sceitse will taking over a house in west Kerry, near Portmagee, to do 2/3 days of playing SKETCH HOUSE! This house will be transformed with the sound of sketching: we will wake up sketching, eat sketching, sleep sketching, whatever you do, sketching will be there with you! The owner of the house, has been kind enough to let us stay in her home, where we can sleep on beds, couches and floors.

While at the house we can also take full advantage of the amazing location, which is situated in the heart of the Ring of Kerry. While we got a taste of the southern part of the ring in the May Sceitse, in August we can explore it much more fully and do the northern part of the Ring of Kerry, the smaller Scellig Ring, Valentia Island, and even perhaps book a boat trip over to UNESCO world heritage site, Scellig Michael island for a few hours of sketching there!

The house has 4 free beds and besides that there 3/4 couches and lots of floor space, with capacity of 15-20 people. Could even go as far as 30 if some camp outside, but numbers will be limited by the transport down to the location, so the number of drivers and their capacities going. So as always, its first come first serve, at the moment we have 3 drivers going down, with the space for 9-12 people, depending whom will be with the drivers. Anyone over that number will be put on the waiting list. But dont let that stop you signing on, as we will most likely get more drivers join us later, so jump on while you can!


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    1. Great man! Ill mark you down as coming, let me know if you find out you have another christianing etc ;).

    2. I will cry if something comes up again, I swear I will